A little greeting borrowed from our friends at the Equal Exchange Interfaith Program

A Taste of Justice
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Equal Exchange Interfaith Program Team wishes you a Happy New Year
The Interfaith Program wishes you a lively and lovely 2011. Partnering with small farmer co-ops around the world means creating a more just and green food system. At our worker co-operative, Equal Exchange, it is our joy to partner with you and your communities in this endeavor. Thank you for your support and great work!

Best Wishes,

The Equal Exchange Interfaith Program Team

Back Row: Aaron Dawson, Esther West, Jamie Gallagher, Suzanne Keleher, Peter Buck.
Front Row: Cody Squire, Susan Sklar, Darya Mattes, Anna Utech, Charlie Brandes, Hope Kolly, Phil Berry, Molly Zeff.

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