Violence-oriented Hate Speech in the Media

* Utah GOP Senatorial candidate, Sharron Angle: "People are looking towards the second amendment remedies and saying my goodness, what can we do to turn our country around."

*Sharon Angle: "The first thing we need to do is take Harry Reid out."

* Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN): “I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back. Thomas Jefferson told us ‘having a revolution every now and then is a good thing,’ and the people – we the people – are going to have to fight back hard if we’re not going to lose our country.”

* Michele Bachmann: "I’m a foreign correspondent on enemy lines and I try to let everyone back here in Minnesota know exactly the nefarious activities that are taking place in Washington."

* Glenn Beck: "I want to kill Charlie Rangel with a shovel."

* Glenn Beck: "Every night I get down on my knees and pray Dennis Kucinich will burst into flames."

* Texas GOP candidate Stephen Broden: ''Our nation was founded on violence. The option is on the table. I don't think that we should ever remove anything from the table as it relates to our liberties and our freedoms.”

* Ex-Alaskan GOP Governor, Sarah Palin: "Don't retreat, reload." Also called several opposition candidates “targets,” and posted online a US map with rifle cross hairs over their districts (the map has been withdrawn and her staff are now referring to the cross hairs as "surveyors' marks").

* Joyce Kaufman, Chief of Staff for Florida GOP Congressman, Alan West: "If ballots don't work, bullets will."

Not actually violent, but close: 

*Newt Gingrich, on the Obama administration: “The secular socialist machine represents as great a threat to America as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union once did” (from his new book, To Save America: Stopping Obama's Secular-Socialist Machine). 

* Newt Gingrich: Obama is “the most radical president in American history" (Southern Republican Leadership Conference in April, 2010).
* Rep.Darrell Issa (R-CA) President Obama is "one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times."
As new incoming chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, he promises to hold investigations for such crimes as alleged promises by the Administration to Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak to drop out of his Senate race in 2010, and allegations that following its investigation, the Justice Department downgraded the number of members of the “New Black Panther Party,” who intimidated voters on election day, from five to two.

* Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), is preparing legislation that would exempt members of Congress from the Washington, DC, ban on carrying concealed weapons. The legislation would also allow members to carry weapons onto the floor of the House and Senate for protection from snipers.

* Rep. Gohmert also said in a speech on the House floor following the shootings in Arizona, that he believed the FBI had "stonewalled" Congress in it's briefing about the incident because of its fear that the liberal politics of Jared Loughner would be embarrassing to the President. He said, "It may be that if the things that we're reading -- that he's a liberal, hates the flag, supports Marx, that type of thing, turn out to be true, then it may be embarrassing to some of the current administration's constituents, and, heaven help us, we wouldn't want to embarrass any of the president's constituents."

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