Jubilee Activities, Books, and Fund Raisers

This edition of the blog is all ads, announcements, and fund raisers. Some will even cost you money. But quit complaining. You know you have to give back every now and then. Life is like that.

First, two ads for books.
My apologies that I wrote parts of both of them, but don't hold that against them.

AboveGroundPicFirst, is a new book by Harvard Square Editions, Above Ground: An Anthology of Living Fiction. It's a collection of short stories and novellas all by Harvard graduates. (I contributed a novella.) What makes it worthy of note is that all of the proceeds go to Doctors without Borders and Jubilee USA, which as you probably know I work closely with. In spite of my contribution, it's a good book and you should buy a copy. You can get one by clicking here.

JubileeBookCoverThe second is even more self serving. I've just singed a contact to do a new edition of my book, From Jubilee to the World Bank: Economic Globalization for People of Faith, but if you would like to purchase one of the old(er) versions, some are still available at the same old bloated price, and you can find copies here. (Incidentally, the new title will probably be shortened to just Economic Globalization for Faith-Based Activists). You can order a copy by clicking here.

Speaking of things that are good for you but which will cost you money, here is an event you really ought to go to as a favor to me. Please come if you can:

Wednesday, October 7
7PM – 9 PM
"Common Place"

141 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA
Just south of Porter Square at the intersection of Oxford and Beacon.
Hosted by Stan Duncan and Devon Davidson

Learn about the critical issues of the debt cancellation work: the bills in congress, the campaigns for fair and just international financing, the dangers of "vulture funds" and how you can help.
Also learn about the coffee you drink from our friends at Equal Exchange:
Ever wonder about the difference between medium and high acidity? What is meant by full body? How can coffee have a citrus note?
Learn how you can be a part of the world's largest international, interfaith economic justice campaign, bringing about a more just and humane planet.

Many of the countries hardest hit by the international debt crisis also suffer from the collapse of coffee prices and free market policies of the 1990s. Our partners from Equal Exchange, the largest and oldest Fair Trade company in the US, will join us and lead a coffee tasting from beans grown in countries needing debt relief. (We’'ll have decaf, too!) Other refreshments will also represent countries whose debt you can help us work to cancel.
For more information (maps, directions, etc.), please contact Devon Davidson (617) 501-3230; devon2020@gmail.com
For more information about the Jubilee USA Network go to

Mission and Justice Sunday

October 18, 2009

This year (and this year only) October 18 is a day that we can celebrate Jubilee Sunday, Bread for the World Sunday, and Micah Sunday. More opportunities than ever in one pile to lift up mission and justice themes. The stars will not align like this again for the next three hundred years and you probably won't be around to see it.

Why not make this an opportunity to lift up a our Christian commitment to global Mission and Justice on a wide variety of levels? Hunger, poverty, community and justice, all a part of one Sunday celebration. You can weave elements from each of the themes into a consistent thread of the Christian faith and justice message.

Here are resources for all of them that you can use. Use them all and make this the biggest mission and justice day of the year.

(Finally, ripped off from the macucc.org web page...)

Just PracticeJustPracticeLogo
A New England UCC Justice and Witness event on practicing justice in our lives, communities, and world

Friday, Nov. 6 (5 pm) to Saturday, Nov. 7 (4 pm)
United Congregational Church, UCC
6 Institute Road ~ Worcester, Mass.

So what is this "Just Practice?"
Jesus said "The reign of God is in your midst." (Luke 17:21) So maybe, just maybe, building God's beloved community "just" takes practice, persistent, prayerful - even playful - practice. And really, everything we do is "just practice." We may never get it exactly right, certainly not without the intervention of God's Holy Spirit. Nonetheless, we give it our best shot. We practice. Sometimes we stumble. But we get back up and try again. We pray for the Spirit's participation in our efforts. We keep practicing, together, just because God who loves us calls us to this sacred labor.

Intrigued? Then join us!
Through creative worship, Bible study, shared learning, movement and group reflection, you'll be invited to deepen your own understanding of what "just practice" means to you and your faith community, and to share your insights with others. Together we'll explore what happens when we see, reflect and act on today's reality. We'll add tools for healing to help us live fully into God's call. And then, well, we'll just practice.

Learn more...
Download a flyer with agenda and mail-in registration form here (pdf)

Sponsored by the New England Conferences of the United Church of Christ endorsed by the Commission for Mission & Justice

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