Fairness Amendment to Farm Bill Fails in House

Fight For Meaningful Farm Reform Continues

All year, Bread for the World's Seeds of Change campaign has focused attention on farm bill reform. Just last week, thousands of activists called Washington to support the Fairness in Food and Farm Policy Amendment in the House of Representatives. On Thursday, July 26, the House defeated the Fairness Amendment on a vote of 117-309.

If your representative voted yes, please call and thank him or her.

The Fairness Amendment would have reformed the farm bill in significant ways to reduce hunger and poverty and help farmers of modest means in this country and in developing countries. Though the amendment didn't pass, the pressure we brought for reform forced congressional leaders to add provisions to the bill that increase funding for nutrition and conservation programs that will help hungry people and promote environmental stewardship.

Most importantly, pressure for reform of the farm bill is now stronger than ever. Bread for the World members played a key role in raising awareness about the inequities of the farm bill and the needs of hungry and poor people in our country and overseas. Without our voice, Congress would not have given serious consideration to the need for reforms in the farm bill.

The farm bill debate is far from over. There are still many steps in the process of finalizing this legislation. Major farm bill decisions also remain to be made in the Senate.

You can be proud of the intense and well-coordinated effort that our Bread for the World grassroots membership has poured into this challenging campaign. We have already had an impact, and the story is far from over.

Thanks for your hard work. Stay tuned!

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